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The quote offered is based on the information that you have provided being accurate and true. We reserve the right to amend the offer or cancel the offer should the device not be described accurately as above.

We cannot be held responsible for any device which is lost or damaged in transit to us. You will need to speak with your chosen courier regarding their claim policy.

We reserve the right to withhold payment and destroy any devices which are listed as lost/stolen/insurance claimed/blocked on the CheckMend website. These may be passed on to the authorities to follow up.

The quoted price is only valid up until the valid to date. The price after this time may change based on current market value and we reserve the right to change to change the price after the expiration of the valid to offer. Goods received after the valid to date are no longer offered that price and a new price based on current market value will be offered.

Item must be free of iCloud and passwords. Any device sent in locked to iCloud or passworded will be postponed but the valid to date continues. If the device becomes unlocked after this valid to date, the offer may change and we reserve this right to change it.

Please ensure you remove all SIM cards from the phone. We are not able to return any SIM cards sent to us.

We will contact you via email with your confirmed price, whether this is the quoted price or amended in light of testing the device. Please reply to this email confirming the acceptance of this quote and the method you would like payment to be made. Quotes not accepted after 7 working days will be automatically accepted on your behalf. If you don’t accept the offer, the device can be returned to you. Please allow 7 working days for delivery.

All units are to be unlocked or locked to a UK network. Any unit locked to a foreign network will be classed as not working.

In the case of a console, the item must come complete with all power cables and controller. Any missing these will be classed as not working.



  • Power on and off using the fully functional buttons
  • Have all buttons on the device working
  • Be fully functional
  • Have a working screen with no pixel damage or cracks/heavy chips
  • Have no severe damage to the casing of the device, including cracks to the rear glass, splits in the casing or bending
  • Have a fully functional operating system
  • Includes its battery
  • Not water damaged
  • Make and receive calls
  • All features of the device fully working as per original manufacturer specification
  • Be iCloud and password free
  • For consoles, complete with all cables and controllers

Not Working:

  • Power up
  • Have a faulty button(s)
  • One of the features does not work as per original manufacturer specification
  • Have a cracked/smashed/heavily chipped screen
  • Includes its battery
  • Be a complete unit
  • Not water damaged
  • Be iCloud and password free
  • For consoles, missing cables or controllers

No Power:

  • Item does not power up
  • Includes its battery
  • Be a complete unit
  • Not water damaged
  • Be iCloud free

Item Condition:


  • Item is in overall good condition and conforms to the all the criteria under the working condition.

Poor Condition:

  • Item is in a poor condition with heavy wear and tear to the device but still conforms to all the criteria under the working condition.

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