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What Mac is best for me?

We know how tricky and confusing it is looking through all the different models and specifications, especially if you are new to the world of Mac or even a daily user. Nowadays it can be difficult keeping up with the latest annual releases and ever-evolving technology, which can create a barrier to understand what you’re looking for. But fear no more; we are here to help and support you through the process.

Here at The iOutlet, we want you to experience what it is like to have the premium service of Apple but in a more affordable, environmentally friendly way. All our devices are handled and refurbished by our trained technicians, who put their heart into each product by ensuring that you receive the same experience as you would from purchasing a new product.

Below, we have tried to simplify the process as much as possible to help you choose the best Mac for your individual needs, using three categories to separate each user.


College Home/Personal Use

These devices are targeted for your home comforts, from online shopping to catching up on your favourite series on Netflix. The box-like desktops are something of the past, so this section is for users who want a lightweight portable MacBook with zero fuss. Looking to contact family, or find that perfect holiday? Easy. See more of the general tasks that our affordable range of MacBooks will cater for.

These general tasks will include:

  • Streaming: Netflix/Prime/YouTube/Disney Plus etc.
  • Social Media: Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/TikTok etc.
  • Internet Browsing: Shopping/Banking/Researching/Travel etc.
  • Basic Office: Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Email accounts
  • Video Calling: Zoom/Skype/Microsoft Teams/Facetime

Please see our selected MacBooks in the links below, if the above would suit your needs:

MacBook Air 13 inch – 2017 – 1.8 GHz Core i5 – 8GB RAM – A1466 – from £229.99

MacBook Pro 13 inch – 2017 – 2.3 GHz Core i5 – 8GB RAM – A1708 – from £299.99

iMac 21.5 inch – 2015 – 1.6 GHz Core i5 – 8GB RAM – A1418 – from £279.99


School/College & Further Education/Studies

Although most Apple computers are suitable for studies, lumbering an iMac is not the wisest move. So, we would recommend a much lighter more portable MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. The models fit in a carry case or backpack with endless access to your documents and information; the equivalent to a walking library which can be used anywhere you please (providing you remember to charge before you leave).

The educational tasks that your MacBook will need to support include:

  • Performing Coursework for GCSE/A-Level & Further Education
  • Researching and Storing Information/documents
  • Online lectures/dissertations
  • Basic Photo Editing/Graphic Creations
  • Access to online home learning platforms

If you are looking for a MacBook for use in education and learning, please see the link below with a few of our recommendations:

MacBook Air Retina 13 inch – 2018 – 1.6 GHz Core i5 – A1932 – from £349.99

MacBook Pro 13 inch – 2019 – 1.4 GHz Core i5 – A1989 – from £439.99


For the Professional

The devices under this section are designed for the heavy user, the day-to-day businessperson, the photo/music editor or software developer, who require their device to have high performance with reliability to handle high intensity software. These are generally Apple’s more luxury products including the MacBook Pro and the office based iMac which are a perfect tool to help support your business growth. Please see example below of software you may need for your Mac.

  • Photo editing: Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Capture One, Affinity Photo
  • Music Editing: Logic Pro, Audacity, Garage band, Adobe Audition
  • CAD Software: AutoCAD, Solidworks, Fusion 360, Revit

These are just some examples, but there are many more out there that the below devices are more than capable of handling:

iMac 24 inch (4.5K Retina) – 2021 – 3.2 GHz M1 Core – A2439 – from £1099.99

MacBook Air 13 inch – 2020 – 3.2 GHz M1 Core – A2337 – from £649.99

MacBook Pro 13 inch – 2020 – 3.2 GHz M1 Core – A2338 – from £699.99

If you’re still not quite sure…

If you’re still not sure which model would be the right choice for you, then give us a call on 01752 696844 (ext. 5) or email in via where a member of our award-winning team will be able to answer your queries.

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Recorded delivery
UK Phoneline
We're here to help
£150M+ SOLD
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