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At The iOutlet, we provide high quality refurbished iPhones for sale at affordable prices. Buying a refurbished iPhone offers you some excellent advantages. You can save money and still receive a phone that's high-quality and all in working order. We have a full range of iPhone models, from the iPhone 5s all the way up to the latest releases including the popular refurbished iPhone 8. With each model, you can choose between different colours, storage space, and other specifications to find the perfect phone for your needs. We purchase our iPhones from reliable sources and where required the iPhones are refurbished by our trained engineers. We’ll replace screens, fix home buttons and much more before signing off on an iPhone being ready for re-sale so you can be sure that you’re buying a reliable refubished iPhone that will last.
  • 100% of our refurbished iPhones are fully tested and are therefore sold in nothing other than perfect working order.
  • We offer a 365 day warranty.
  • All devices are sent within 3 working days on a FREE Service in the UK so you’ll get your phone the next day after sending.

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"Really good service when I purchased my phone and then needed a repair. "

"Brilliant service, Ihave no hesitation in recommending this company,recently bought an iphone 6 (grade b) it arrived on time and was immaculate!! "

"I was a bit reluctant ordering a refurbished phone for the first time. Phone was as described, in excellent condition, and well packaged. Email query was answered quickly and delivery time exceeded expectations. "

Browse popular refurbished iPhones for sale

At The iOutlet we sell a large range of different refurbished iPhone models. If you’re looking for quality, reliable and affordable refurbished iPhones then you need to look no further.


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Apple iPhones are one of the most popular options for smartphones on the planet. In the US, around 45% of smartphone users own an iPhone, while in the UK, about 43% of smartphones are iPhones. Every time Apple releases a new phone, there is always a rush to get the latest model. However, you don't have to wait long before refurbished options are available, helping you save money and receive a quality iPhone that offers you all of the features that you're looking for. As a multi-award winning company, we have been selling refurbished iPhones for a number of years. We bring you affordable refurbished iPhones by buying them in bulk from reliable suppliers and restoring them where necessary. Our iPhones can be purchased for as low as £49.99, with grade A, B, and C phones available so that you can choose a phone that's in the right condition and offers the right price. Take a look at this guide to the available device condition options. Most of our iPhones are grade A and B.
  • Grade A (Excellent) - a phone that is in excellent condition with little sign of wear and tear
  • Grade B (Good) - showing moderate signs of wear and tear, these used phones are in good condition
Buying a refurbished iPhone is also a more sustainable way to buy a phone. By purchasing a refurbished iPhone, you are recycling an existing phone and reducing your carbon footprint by avoiding buying a brand new one. If you're environmentally-conscious but love your gadgets, a refurbished phone is the perfect solution. No matter which condition your refurbished iPhone is in, it will still be delivered in full working condition. If you choose a lower grade condition, you can save even more money on a refurbished iPhone and still receive a phone that works as you would expect it to. All of our refurbished iPhones come with a 365-day warranty to protect your phone. If you experience any problems or faults within a year of purchasing your iPhone from The iOutlet, we can take a look at it and repair any issues. Our iPhones are unlocked to any network and delivered with a brand new USB/charging cable. Your phone will be delivered in a generic box in excellent condition and full working order. Buy a refurbished iPhone from The iOutlet, and you can save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and own a quality phone for less. Take a look at our choice of refurbished iPhones to find one that suits your needs.